Oscar E. Gomez

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Memorial Scholarship Fund

 ”Scholarships to those who dream”

Oscar Enrique Gomez was raised in Baldwin Park, CA and graduated from Baldwin Park High School in 1990. Our friend and brother represented the best leadership that a diverse community as Baldwin Park can offer in the areas of athletics, academics and public service. Oscar will always be remembered by those who were blessed to know him as a sincere, dedicated, and compassionate person who gave so much to the less fortunate. As a student at the University of California, Davis during the early 1990’s, Oscar Gomez was actively involved in civil rights campaigns and was an empowering voice in the local media with his radio program.

Oscar was committed to the idea that youth can empower their community by increasing local college entrance rates. He constantly reinforced this advice with positive messages to his radio audience, stressing the need for higher education. Through his weekly KDVS campus radio program, La Onda Xicana, he inspired and educated his audience utilizing discussion topics such as culture, music, higher education, social justice, and history, while playing music from various eras and genres. Tragically, he was found dead in November of 1994 near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, where he was scheduled to record a statewide Chicano Studies rally that would be re-broadcasted on his program.

The LUCHA Foundation decided to administer a scholarship based on Oscar’s aspirations of coming back to Baldwin Park one day to develop youth projects. He wanted to apply his UC Davis Communications degree to assist the city and direct young people to go on to college. His mottos were, “Work hard in everything you set your mind to, be a role model to younger family members, and concentrate on going on to college to help serve your community.” As we look back on his life, Oscar Gomez was truly dedicated to serving others first while putting his needs aside. So with his legacy in mind, we at the LUCHA Foundation will continue his dream by encouraging tomorrow’s youth to strive for their collegiate dreams.