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Board of Directors

Jose (Joe) Armendariz

Interim President

Oscar and I go back to 1977. My Ninos (godparents) lived across the street from the Gomez Family. My parents, to get me to go with them always said lets go to your ninos house and you can go play with the Gordito… That Gordito was Oscar Gomez. We both went to Central School, Jones Jr. High and Graduated from Baldwin Park High School in 1990. Now I am an instructor at Laborers Training School. Even before becoming an instructor, I knew the importance of having a higher education. This is why I became involved in LUCHA. I was blessed to be elected President of LUCHA by my peers. I hope to continue awarding scholarships, helping LUCHA grow, and continuing Oscar’s legacy through our recipients. Baldwin Park youth, with guidance and support, will make their dreams come true. Higher education is their first step to achieve this GOAL!!


Gladys Gomez

Director, Controller, and Education Committee Chairperson

Giving back to the community in which I grew up in, I am a dedicated teacher for the Baldwin Park Unified School District.  I am a proud alumnus of Baldwin Park High School and California State University Fullerton.  I’ve also earned a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education.  I hope to inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.  As a coordinator of LUCHA I strive to maintain my brother’s legacy by awarding scholarships to those who are ambitious in their pursuit of a post secondary education.

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” Cesar Chavez


Israel Calderon

Director, Vice President of Administration and Advancement Committee Member

I grew up in Baldwin Park and teach high school Social Science and AVID. After graduating from Baldwin Park High School in 1990, I attended San Diego State University, where I earned a B.A. in Social Science  with a minor in Mexican American Studies as well as my teaching credential.  I decided to help build this scholarship and community based non-profit organization in memory of a great human being I grew up with, Oscar Enrique Gomez.  I hope you can join us in whatever capacity works for you.


Juan M. Gonzalez

Founder and Advancement Committee Chairperson

Realizing the need to encourage local youth who are low income and first generation, I came up with an idea to blend Oscar’s dream of the power of education and community. In 2004 I assembled some of his close friends to come together in the aim to formulate an organization that would work as a collective and empower communities by promoting higher education. Oscar was all-inclusive so I knew he would want a scholarship that had this attribute and along that offer the scholarship not to the highest achievers but to those that aspire to become “someone” in the future -behold the LUCHA Scholar program begun! We are a very different type of scholarship; with the use of criteria screening, qualitative evaluation, verification and technology we can get a student’s overall perspective in meeting our organization’s mission.

Born in the East Los Angeles area, I was raised in Baldwin Park; went on to graduate from the University of San Diego attended graduate school at Cal State University, Los Angeles, worked professionally at institutions of the Higher Education for 10 years and currently a business development consultant.


Blanca Rodriguez



Francine Urias

Director and Fundraising Committee Chairperson

I was raised in Baldwin Park and have worked for the Baldwin Park Unified School District for over twenty-one years. I am a proud graduate of Baldwin Park High School and am currently an Education Specialist there. I am an alumnus of Azusa Pacific University where I received a B.A. in Human Development, and M.A. in Education: Special Education, an Education Specialist Credential, and an Autism Spectrum Disorders Authorization. Having met Oscar in kindergarten, I am committed to help the youth of our community achieve their post-secondary educational goals.

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